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Best Sellers of Kindle Book Author by Rosemary Breen - **Note: 2 and 3 Book Astrology Bundle Sets Also Available. Just scroll to top of the page and click ROSEMARY BREEN (author) link.**
This Amazon Bestseller is For YOU if You're a Gemini LONGING FOR LOVE; a Gemini Who's FALLEN IN LOVE; or You're IN LOVE WITH A GEMINI

If You're a Gemini LONGING FOR LOVE - Are You:
  • Tired of the same old dating advice and emotional dead-ends?
  • Sick of looking for Mr Perfect or Miss Wonderful, always accepting second best, or ending up alone?
  • Feeling frustrated because of all the time, money and effort you waste looking for your soulmate?
  • Are you looking for more excitement in your relationships? If so, should you go for a Capricorn, a Scorpio, or a Gemini? Do you feel it's time to grow up a bit? If so, should you be on the lookout for a Libra or a Capricorn? And what about Cancer and Virgo? Will dating these astrology signs bring you pain or give you passion?
The intriguing answers to these questions and a whole lot more are in this astrology book.

If You have FALLEN IN LOVE with a Gemini:
  • Do you understand what it takes to win your partner over completely, and seduce them the way they like best?
  • Do you know how to keep your lover satisfied and happy?
  • Are you aware of the risks and dangers of loving a true Gemini?
  • Or are you becoming more friends than lovers?
If You're a Gemini Who's FALLEN IN LOVE How Well Do You Know Yourself and What to Expect from Your Relationship?

There's always more to know when it comes to love and relationships so why not download your copy of Longing for Love: Horoscope Compatibility for Gemini now and discover more about yourself, your sweetheart, and your romance?

You'll discover whether you have indeed fallen in love with one of the best star signs for you. Furthermore Gemini, reading this step-by-step guide will probably prove to be like holding a mirror up to yourself. Many readers have already discovered things about themselves that they never even thought of before, and you'll probably be the same.

Each Zodiac Dating Guide in the Looking for Love in Your Astrology Star Sign Series Shows You:
  • How to seduce the star sign you want
  • What to expect from your relationship
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign match
  • What to do when the time comes to say goodbye
  • How to deal with your ex if you become more friends than lovers
  • All 12 love-match combinations for your star sign.
So, are you ready to try something new? Soon you'll see that just as there are rhythms in life, so too there are patterns in relationships.

Grab a copy of this no-nonsense dating guide now, and start having some more fun with your relationships.
  • A Chat with
    Gemini First
  • Introduction
    to Astrology
  • Getting a
    Feel for Gemini
  • Life with
  • How to
    Seduce a Gemini
  • How to Keep
    a Gemini
  • What to
    Expect From Your Relationship
  • The Catch
    with Catching a Gemini
  • Strengths
    and Weaknesses of Gemini
  • Saying
    Goodbye to Gemini
  • More Friends
    than Lovers
  • A Young
    Gemini in Your Life
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Gemini and
  • Conclusion
  • Horoscope
    Compatibility for all the Zodiac Signs
  • More About
    Horoscope Compatibility
  • Thank You

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  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
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  • Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs
  • Your Personal Horoscope Predictions 2013 - 2017

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Best Review Longing For Zodiac Love: Horoscope Compatibility Book For Gemini (longing For Love In Your Astrology Star Sign: 12 Book Series):

Praise for the Amazon Bestselling Author and the Other Books in the Longing for Love Horoscope Series

LEO "Informative and Entertaining" Ms K.S. Conabree; VIRGO "Love the insights" Sharon L. Wyeth; GEMINI "Great resource" B Williams'; LIBRA "Hit the nail on the head" Elaine Lockard; SAGITTARIUS "Excellent job" Wanderlust; TAURUS "Unbelievably accurate" R. Tutty; CANCER "Fun, humorous, caring and compassionate" Tiffany M. White; SCORPIO"Wow this book was spot on" Lisa Oliver

From the Author
A Personal Invitation From the Author

If you've landed on this page because you're interested in astrology, love and matchmaking then this is a great place to start.

If you like my writing style and are looking for even more insights about dating, relationships, and horoscopes I invite you to visit my website Compatibility and Love. 

There, you'll find loads of other information, including videos on astrological compatibility, and chat on how to find love and keep that love alive.

About the Author
Rosemary Breen is an author and the creator of two websites: Psychic Revolution and Compatibility and Love.

Psychic Revolution is a natural extension of Rosemary's university-based research into paranormal experiences, which she completed in 2009. 

Rosemary has lived with the paranormal all her life and, because of her professional background in the business world, where she worked in finance, marketing and research for many years, her approach to the paranormal phenomena, astrology, and life in general down-to-earth and pretty matter-of-fact.

Rosemary's second website, Compatibility and Love reflects her interest in personal relationships and how the ancient practices of numerology and astrology impact them. 

Rosemary is also a mother and a volunteer crisis care telephone counsellor in Australia.

Most helpful customer reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
oh Fabulous Gemini!
By IHeartAmazon
Are you ready to dive deep into the embodiment of Gemini? What really makes a Gemini tick? Or shall I
say, remain interested in you? Rosemary shares how to navigate the mind and heart of a Gemini.
If you have Gemini's in your life or are interested in a relationship with one, this is the book for you!

Rosemary writing engages you to keep dancing through the pages!
Better yet give you the key to a Gemini's heart!

In depth learning about how each of the signs play with Gemini! Brilliant!
DaKara Kies dakara.com

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
All I Ever Need to Know!
By Sarah Jane
I picked up this book because I have several people in my life who are Gemini's. It is well-written and very thorough. It talks about what a person is like who is born under this sign, and how others who are not born under this sign can best relate to them.

Having a child who is a Gemini, I particularly enjoyed the chapter on raising a Gemini. I was somewhat surprised by how much my child is like the 'typical' Gemini that Rosemary wrote about.

I found this book interesting and very helpful!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
Understanding Gemini
By Nancy Fairbrother
I like the way Rosemary writes about Gemini. Besides being easy to read, the book brings out the positive qualities of the sign and offers guidelines to a successful relationship with Gemini. The advice to Gemini about relationships with other signs is also valuable. Very clear and to the point; lots of information and a light, fun read. Just right for this Gemini.

See all 5 customer reviews...

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