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Literature & Fiction Author by Lynne Murray - 26 shapeshifter men woo her, but will the Dragonette have to run to find true love?
Bachelorette dragon Verity can't warm to any of the twenty-six dragon shapeshifters who compete for her hand. The Dragonette runs away and stumbles into the arms of Ryan, a human who lights her fire in ways she could never have imagined possible. Ryan falls for Verity, but can he defeat those hulking, jealous dragon shapeshifters to win her heart?

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File Name: runaway-dragonette-a-bbw-paranormal-shapeshifter-dragon-reality-tv-romance-paranormal-reality-tv-romance-book-1.pdf
Author: Lynne Murray
Category: Literature & Fiction
File Type: pdf

Best Review Runaway Dragonette: A Bbw Paranormal Shapeshifter Dragon Reality Tv Romance (paranormal Reality Tv Romance Book 1):

"Lynne Murray has the uncanny ability to blend voices and genres and even to pay homage to the books influencing her writing while making the blend uniquely her own. Flying by us in Runaway Dragonette, a glorious melange that is both tour de farce and tour de force, are the Rings, Avalon, Dragonfyre, Harry Potter, and of course Lynne's own wonderful previous work. Most amazingly, she manages to combine fantasy and romance with a considerable touch of satire, and yet somehow keep the romance convincing and suspenseful, to boot. (Hint, hint - gets hot as a dragon's breath!)
"Human male, Ryan, who loves and fantasizes about dragons, meets dragon shape shifter, Verity, whom he has only seen in a reality Bachelorette show illegally transmitted from the Dragon Planet. He falls hard for her. She falls hard for him. Will they manage to get together and claim each other for life? Read the book." - Frannie Zellman, author of The Fatland Trilogy

From the Author
Runaway Dragonette is the first paranormal romance I've written. My other books have romantic comedy, but this one is definitely the hottest one yet. Now that I know how to open the bedroom door, watch out for the next one--Bachelor Dragon Blues, coming soon, ahem!

About the Author
Lynne Murray is the author of ten books, all with BBW heroines, fast-paced action and laugh-out-loud attitude. Happily Ever After at the end of the journey is essential.

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You will not regret buying this book.
By LJ Owen
If you haven't read Lynne Murray, you're missing something really big, and I don't just mean her characters, or the tension, or the plot that drags you page after page, until night has long fallen and you know you have to get up in -- OMG is it 2am already?? -- but you still can't put it down.

This -- romance -- is new for her, but this is some of her best writing. It's fun, sweet, enormously entertaining, and just plain great.

There aren't many authors who earn a highest recommendation from me, but Lynne is one.

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Forbidden Desire
By IvaGh
Forbidden desire.

Ryan, a likable dragon fantasy nerd, fantasizes about dragons, and falls in love-lust with Verity, the dragon shapeshifting princess on a Bachelorette show from the Dragon Planet. He figures that his forbidden wish will remain in the realm of fantasy, but circumstances bring Verity right into his house in San Francisco.

The show's earth-born producer, Tracy Travis, manages to insert Ryan into the show on the Dragon Planet -even though he is from Earth, the Forbidden Zone (forbidden because earthlings tend to make religions out of visits by aliens). He must somehow sidestep the murderous intent of the dragon bachelor candidates - native dragon shapeshifters, each of whom feels that Verity should be his mate. Verity herself has the opposite intention; she is not willing to be enslaved by a dragon nose ring wound about with spells of submission.

Verity herself also carries on in the proud Lynne Murray tradition of lusciously curvy female characters. In addition, half-dragon, half humans point up yet another important motif in any and every book by Lynne Murray - sympathy for the downtrodden and discriminated against.

Fun and sexy, as are all of Lynne Murray's books, this wonderful fantasy romance also speaks to the many of us who harbor hidden and forbidden desires that somehow, somehow, just might become reality if we magic them into being.

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