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Teen & Young Adult Author by Pamela Evischi - Get ready for a trans-formative journey that surpasses religion and ordinary belief patterns. This uplifting and inspiring guide is designed to facilitate a personal relationship with the Divine. The straight forward lessons, tools, guidance and personal stories will captivate and encourage the reader to seek something more out of life-a life filled with joy, passion, wonder, peace and unconditional love. Applying the easy and powerful tools herein will spring you forward into a whole new spiritual awareness where life begins to unfold miraculously and effortlessly. Let Spiritual Springboard propel you into God's loving light and presence. He wants to show you he is real. Jump in!

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File Name: spiritual-springboard-a-spiritual-guide-to-knowing-god-personally.pdf
Author: Pamela Evischi
Category: Teen & Young Adult
File Type: pdf

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About the Author
Pamela is the typical girl next door. She has all the ups and downs in life like everyone else. As a student, teacher and minster of the Divine, her soul calls her to seek something more. "I am but a drop of water in the sea of life. Sometimes I am tumbled and slammed into the shore and other times I am in the flow of spirit riding the waves. Either way, I realize that both are a necessity for the refinement of my soul."

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A must have to any collection of Spiritual reads!!!
By Amazon Customer
Thank you Pam Evischi for such an inspiring book. I loved the short stories but most of all the real steps and actions to apply to move closer in Spirit with God. Beautiful book!!!

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Great book! Shows the reader how intimate and personal their relationship with God really is.
By Healer/Artist
Pam has written a wonderful book that takes the reader on a journey to your personal relationship with Our Heavenly Father. I just felt like it was food for a hungry soul. I felt so much closer to God while reading it. She brings God intimately into your life and shows you that He wants to give you all the good things material and spiritual, even more so than a loving human parent does. It's definitely a guide for the depressed and down-hearted, but it is also a wonderful reassurance to the happy and light-hearted. Very inspirational and encouraging. Atta girl, Pam. I hope you write more.

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Truly uplifting!
By Michele McNeil
Thank you Pam for writing this inspirational book and sharing it. Your book really gave me an insight into changes that I need and want to make in myself and different ways of making those changes. I want to become closer to God and serve him to my fullest potential. I also want to become a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, coworker, friend to my family and everyone I come in contact with. I wish you and your family much happiness now and always! Again, Thanks so much!

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