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Teen & Young Adult Author by Nicole Nwosu - Macy Anderson’s entire life revolved around soccer, her family and her friends but she didn’t know how much she had been living under a rock for seventeen years. When she meets Sam Cahill she learns that even though he’s considered to be a typical ‘high school bad boy’, his leather exterior isn’t exactly what he’s made out to be. Neither of them thought they would go along a journey involving friendship, drama, humor and love.

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Author: Nicole Nwosu
Category: Teen & Young Adult
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By Amazon Customer
The title of the book is literally the most misleading title I've ever seen. Most people will take one look at it, say "cliche", and never give it a second look, but trust me, YOU NEED TO READ IT. Hands-down one of the best romance novels I've ever read, "The Bad Boy and the Tomboy" is filled with unexpectedly hilarious humor and plot twists that will keep you turning the pages. Thoroughly written with all the necessary components of a unforgettable life story, this book will make you laugh, cry, and feel emotionally attached to all of the characters. You won't regret reading this amazing book, I've read certain parts of it more times than I can count. Thanks to the author for writing this piece of art :)

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You won't regret it! Try it!
By Kayla Hedrick
I haven't bought this book, yet but I've read it on wattpad. I'm planning on buying at soon as I can! It is my number one favorite book out there. Trust me, after reading this you'll want your own Sam Cahill. I'm in love with book. I know people hear that a lot but I've never loved a book like I love this one. And Sam! I highly suggest you give this book a try! You won't regret it! I thought it was just going to be some cliche story about a 'bad boy' and a girl that's nothing like him falling in love but it's not cliche at all!! I promise and I don't break promises!! I've read plenty of books but not once have I felt like this towards characters! They actually feel like family and I sometimes catch myself thinking about them. Anyway just try it!!! I dare you!! You won't regret it!! Even if you're not a big fan of reading just try it. My friend did and now she's in love with this book and Sam!!

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By Edder L Diaz Mago
So, I read this book on wattpad and the other two sequels to it and they are soooooo good. The plot and the characters are all amazing. IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU TO READ THIS BOOK, and then go on wattpad and read the other two. It is not cliche whatsoever and is very original. You will fall in love with Macy and Sam and all the other characters from the following stories. Congratulations Nikki!

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