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Best Sellers of Kindle Book Author by Alicia Street - **** USA Today Bestselling Author ****

Kendra Rocklyn returns home for her brother’s wedding determined to get her age-old crush to finally see her as more than a tomboy. But will her plan of making him jealous with a hot and handsome fake boyfriend make him fall for her—or backfire and leave her in ashes?

Babe magnet, ex-boxer turned international artist, Orlando Ortega at first doesn’t mind playing her decoy boyfriend as a favor to a buddy. But when Kendra touches his soul and unlocks tragic secrets of his past, he discovers this game might be more than he can handle. After all, in the game of love, always expect the unexpected.

Tomboy Bride is a bridge novel between the Dance ‘n’’ Luv series and the Holiday Luv series.
All series books can be read as stand-alones.

Dance ‘n’ Luv series
Kiss Me, Dancer
Touch Me and Tango
Stars, Love and Pirouettes
Snow Dance

Holiday Luv series
Be Mine For Christmas
The Christmas Honeymoon
The Christmas Wedding Cake – coming soon!
And don't miss the multi-author holiday boxed set - Ten Christmas Brides

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By NavyWave62
This was part of a 10 author bundle called Ten Brides for Ten Hero's, which isn't available now. This is one of the better stories in the bundle, and I loved it.

I felt a connection to the H/h from the start, even though their relationship begins fake, we get our HEA.

There are some tender moments, romance builds slowly, no lovemaking - all done behind closed doors. I usually like some spike in my romance stories, but it worked without it in this story.

We get back stabbing, confused h, wonderful writing, and no cliffhanger. I would recommend this story. Not going into the premise, as the author's blurb explains it, just what you will encounter when you read it. (ljb)

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High Energy Fun!
By Brandon Kelly
After reading one book from this author, I had to read them all! Tomboy Bride is so full of energy and attitude from each character you can’t help but read through with anticipation. The story flowed enticingly on and really enveloped you with the setting, the emotions, and attraction between Kendra and Ortega, as well as the supporting cast of characters.
The realization that your dream man from your youth is not what you thought he was can be a difficult pill to swallow, but once the realization hits you that a better one for you is within reach, you find yourself doing anything to stretch a little bit farther to get it within your grasp.
"I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own."

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
A fun read!
By Bonnie Edwards
I posted a note about buying this book on Facebook because I loved the cover. It is joyful and happy and made me smile. And that is as good a reason as any to give a new Author a try.

I am so glad I found Alicia Street! Tomboy Bride was everything the cover promised. A feel good book and sweet romance wrapped up in one. I like my heroines to be real, to have real lessons to learn and Kendra certainly has to figure out some truths about people and how she views them.

Orlando is a great guy...down to earth, and in great counterpoint to the guy Kendra thinks she loves. This book was fresh, fun and an all around great read!

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