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Politics & Current Affairs Author by Conor Jackson - A simple and comprehensive guide to the UK political system, designed for those with either little to no knowledge on the subject. Ideal for students studying GCSE or A-Level Citizenship, AS-Level Government and Politics, or any other subject that requires some basic knowledge of the British political system. 

Factual and engaging, the Interactive Guide uses widgets and understandable language to enhance the reading experience. It focuses solely on the key issues that matter, pushing aside overcomplicating jargon and highlighting key bits of information.

The guide is made up of the following chapters:
1) Parliament – focuses on the Monarchy, the two Houses and how laws are made;
2) Government – covers the Prime Minister, the Cabinet (including other Great Offices of State), Government Departments and the Shadow Cabinet;
3) European Union – explains what the EU is and how its three main components (Commission, Council and Parliament) work;
4) Devolution – looks at all three devolved nations (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) separately and gives a clear description of how their devolved bodies work;
5) Elections – looks at how to vote, what the different elections are in the UK and provides a breakdown of all the different electoral systems.

For even more information, be sure to hit the Did You Know? buttons at the foot of every page. You never know – you might find out something new!

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